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From February 2020 till Spring 2021 I worked at Mack Animation on Happy Family 2, which will be in Cinemas in November 2021.

In september/october 2015 I worked together with my friend Michael Glans on a Lego Short Movie. Besides animation we did a lot of previz and staging which makes it even more fun than just working on animation footage. I will post a link as soon as the final movie is online.

Here is a short tutorial showing an animation workflow including how to create selection sets and why and how to work with it in the outliner. How to frame keys in the graph editor and synchronize selections from the channel box and the timeline, as well as a tip for the dope sheet editor. I think in overall animation doesn`t needs plenty of functions, less is more. Creativity won´t rise with the amount of fancy buttons in the shelf :-). Maybe this tutorials helps a bit and adds some useful stuff to your toolbox.